Shades of Ireland

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Something Has Happened To Winter

It has been marvelously warm for the last few days. That is expected to change on Thursday when a big front is expected to move through. We are alljoping for some form of precipitaion--- snow or rain--- we don't care as long as we get it!

There is a guy on Homesteading Today forum that is offering an apple orchard package. The catch is that it is a kit teaching you how to graft trees. I am going to do it! The kit included 20 rootstocks so I took a little tour of the farm to dream about possible locations---- if they survive. While I was checking out the existing fruit trees, I was shocked to find that they are budding. At least I know that they are alive and made it through the hot dry summer but I hope they slow down a bit because I am sure we will get a few more killing frosts and cold weather.

The best news of the day is------ drum roll please!------ Ellie May kidded first thing this morning. I found her before the kid had stood up so I was able to snatch it out of reach so that it did not get the diseased milk.

                                                         It's a GIRL at long last!!

I haven't decided on a name for her yet but she is just beautiful. From the looks of things over at the barn, the rest of the herd will not be too far behind.


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    1. She is big and really well structured. Going to be fun to see how she turns out!