Shades of Ireland

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pleasantly Surprised

Turns out that my fears were unfounded. The first week of August was blisteringly hot but then it broke. We have had several rain showers and a few very pleasantly cool days. Everything breathed a sigh of relief.

Grass is growing and the garden has perked up. I've been busy in the soap room. Eight various batches of soap are stacked all over the place.

More later.....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Long Dry Month

July is over and we are bracing ourselves for what is usually the hottest month of the year. If it turns out that way, we are in big trouble. July was blisteringly hot with most days getting up to or over 100 degrees. The drought that has been plaguing Oklahoma, Texas and western Kansas has spread to our area. We haven't suffered nearly as long as those places have but it has been bad...... so bad that we are worried about the corn harvest. We booked 60 round bales of hay earlier this year and they have been delivered...... Hoping the corn harvest will pay for the hay bill! On top of that, we had a few bales of hay from last year that we began feeding yesterday. The livestock aren't hungry enough to wipe it out, but they are using it to finish filling up after grazing.

The good news is that it DID rain last night --- almost an inch. Enough to perk up the pastures, settle the dust and raise our spirits.

Still waiting on two late heifers to calve. I really think that they will be September calves------ way out of sync with the rest of the herd making for a strange marketing/breeding season. The old cows we bought last winter will start calving again in November..... On our farm, I guess that we will take a good rain or a calf anytime we can get it.  Counting all the bottle calves and the ones on cows in the pasture, we have had 21 calves this year. That is a record for us!!

An unpdate on our beloved Holly, the rescue Jersey cow: She went to the county fair!

Her only competition was our dear friend and neighbors 13 year old cow who was not in milk. Two sweet old girls enduring the heat together and sharing a fan. This next picture is not very good because of the showring rail but I was hoping to show you just how much weight she has gained. Many people were concerned that she was too close to calving to be at the fair....... she is not due until December!!! LOL!

Not very good picture but it will give you an idea of how I have spent my spare time this summer.

The dry weather has really taken a toll on the garden. Still, for a first year garden, I am very proud and hopeful for the years to come. Already realize that we are going to have to enlarge it. Hoping this weekend to plant some fall things...... carrots, beets and more green beans.