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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crow is Best Served Hot

So--- I took my little guy hunting. After about an hour, he began to beg me to take him home. I refused and broke out the reading book. While he did his first reading to himself, I was on my eReader. After he read the whole book aloud-- quietly--- to me, he began to make noises about going home again. When I told him it would be almost dark before we packed it in, he began to frantically worry about doing his chores in the dark. I assured him that I knew where a flashlight was that actually worked. I have never heard such tall tales about why he simply could not stress his hens out by gathering eggs in the dark...... All to no avail. We were not leaving until I was done hunting.

After listening to him tell me for about the 25th time that there were NO DEER COMING, I glanced out the right window and saw a young doe easing out of the tall grass. He watched with stunned amazement as nine does and two bucks made their way out of the woods and tall grass out on to the wheat field. Unfortunately, they were between us and the road. There is no way that we are taking such an unsafe shot.

 By this time he is hyperventilating and trembling. I explain to him that we are just going to have to wait until they move around in front of us and give us a safer shot. After a few minutes of pep talk to get him to calm down, he started shushing me and begging ME not to talk so loud.

The deer stayed too far out. i kept telling him that it was too long of a shot for him to take. I am sure that it was over 200 yard. He argued that he could do it since we were braced in the window of the hut. During practice, he was hitting dead center at 100 yards so I finally relented. He took his shot.

I will never hear the end of this..... here he is calling his Dad to share the good news. Dead square in the heart at over 200 yards.

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