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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cold Weather Coming.....

Weather man is telling us that it is going to get pretty darn chilly by Thursday. That gives me a couple of days to try toget a bit more prepared. Lows down in to the teens at night with a slight chance of snow on Thursday or Friday.

Preparing to go pick up a few more square bales of grass hay for the goats. When it is cold, I like to fill up their hay feeder in the barn so that they can snack all night. That helps them generate heat to stay warm. During the day, as long as it is not storming, they can go out to the big bale in the sun to eat.

We will top off all of the water tanks tomorrow and try to get as many heated floats as we can rigged up. If the temps stay in the low 30's, the water won't thaw at all with out a float. Then we need to find the ax and shovel in case we need to break ice on the pond for the cows and horses.

I'll rig a heat lamp for the hens just to knock the worst of the chill out of the henhouse. I still haven't gotten their window covered in plastic so I will put that on the list for tomorrow. 

Guess we will be moving that whole mob of puppies into the garage. They are really wearing me out but they are soooooo cute. Most of these black pups are going to have at least one blue eye and several will have both blue eyes--- very dramatic looking! We are bottle feeding them at least 4 times a day. In between feedings, I am putting "mush" in their feed pan and they are cleaning it up. "Mush" is a can of puppy food diluted until it is very soft and runny with milk. Today, I tried something a little different.
When I butchered and stewed that last bunch of roosters, I froze the broth/fat. I thawed some of that out and I have decided to make at least one mush feeding a day with it. It is amazing how fast they are growing and today is their 3 week birthday. Salena is planning on coming home on Friday afternoon and I can't wait for her to give me a break from these adorable little monsters......

I try to start their morning feeding pretty close to 6:00am. Since it is still pretty nippy and the sun is not quite up, I haul them in to the kitchen to feed them. I am going to need a bigger basket in the very near future.  

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