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Monday, January 2, 2012

Doe Season

Salena poked her head in to my room at 6:00am this morning to see if I was up to going deer hunting with her. I was a wake but being lazy. I told her to just hang on a minute--- if I could get out of bed on my own, then I was probably able to go hunting. It wasn't a pretty sight but I managed!!

Our neighbor is allowing us to hunt in Kansas Deer Mecca. Salena got a BIG doe yesterday afternoon after hunting less than 30 minutes. This morning we got to the stand just before 7:00am and she shot another nice doe at 7:20.

Salena is not afraid to take those very long 150-200 yard shots and she rarely misses. I am using an open sight rifle so I am a more cautious hunter. Now that she has filled her tags, Adam and I will hunt. We will have to let them get alot closer. He has not developed his hunter patience so I am not counting on any more deer but.... you never know what a day will bring...... LOL!!

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