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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Technology Challenged.....

I have been chatting with a lady via text message about our puppies that are for sale. She saw the ad and asked me to send her a picture of a specific pup......... have mercy! It has taken almost two days but I think that I finally got it done.

Anyway, while I was fooling around with that, I discovered pictures that I had taken last summer on my phone. I even figured outhow to get them on line. I got a wild hair and decided to see if I could get one of them on to the blog ---- and I did!

Last July, we had some strange strong winds that I am thinking was really a baby tornado. It wiped out the powerline and moved in a straight line across our pasture to knock over two very large pecan and two Osage orange trees. We have since cut them up into firewood. For the next few days, it was a large goat buffet!

                                               This is what it looks like now....


                                                    Thanks to this hard working guy.

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