Shades of Ireland

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fierce Wind

Now that it is dark, our famous Kansas wind is shrieking in from the north and the snow is blowing. Not expecting any accumulation of snow.

We just made it through with chores and were headed back to the house when the snow started to fall. The wind has been getting steadily stronger and sharper all afternoon. It was enough to urge us hurry to get everything ready for what was coming--- and we did!

Firewood stacked in the garage. Puppy box fixed and in the garage. Chicken house window covered with plexiglass. Dairy cow stall north wall finished. Cows and horses have hay. Ellie May hayed and bedded down. Grass hay bought and unloaded at the barn..... with a little help......

This is a much better picture of Noelle than the one from yesterday. In fact, the other one is so bad that I am going to go back and delete it and add another better one.

I am hoping that getting the puppies into the garage will make my life easier. It is cool out there but warmer than sitting outside the garden shed to feed them.

I am not sure how long this shallow box will keep them in. They are not little blobs anymore. They are growling, yapping, waddling, little dogs now.  

Elsa is not sure if she likes these puppies or not. She is very interested in them but not enough to get too close.


  1. Adorable Box 'o Puppies!
    I just woke up from the howling winds here, so figured I may as well see how everyone else was doing!