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Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday?? I think.....

My days and weeks just all flow together. It is not unusual for me to totally lose track of what day of the week it is.
I have been known to make the kids do school on Saturday--- and they did it with out complaining because they were just as clueless as I was.
Since Charlie and Seth are both employed off the farm, we are better at keeping track these days. Adam is keenly aware of what day it is because he is waiting for Fridays--- because Salena is coming home.

This morning, our first puppy left to go to his new home in Nebraska. Nine cutie pie/monsters left in the box. They LOVE for us to let them out of that box. Even though they have a strip of deer hide, an old shoe, and a spare work glove to play with, it just isn't the same as the freedom to roam the garage. We are hoping that it warms up enough today to let them out in the yard to wander and pillage. Someone will have to stay out with them because they are just the right size for the hawks to carry off for a snack. Even worse, there are a couple of coyotes who are brave enough to hang out around Adam's tree house in the edge of the yard. 

Lots to do but not much inclination to do any of it.........

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  1. We have done our homeschooling on Saturdays too...hard to keep track of time!