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Monday, January 30, 2012

Change of Pace

In case you have wondered why I haven't blogged-- I have been a busy Mama. My girl turned 21 so Adam and I went down to Stillwater to have a birthday dinner with her. That just blew our schedule and rearranged the whole week. On top of that, I have literally been a dairy queen! I've been making cheese, butter, and yogurt every day.
This past weekend, I just had a cheese making overload. By Sunday, I was very tired and could not bear the sight of any more milk. Seth handled milking chores for me.

Somehow, one of the kids got down some of my old craft boxes and began using the knitting looms. I found my crochet hooks and decided to make myslef some new house slippers since mine are almost completely worn out.

This is what I am working on:

Mine aren't nearly as pretty since it has been about 7 years or longer since I did any serious crocheting. I chose hot pink yarn so that maybe I won't lose them in the chaos.

Neil and I took a long hard look at the goats yesterday and it is very obvious that I need to get a move on getting the kidding pens fixed up. I have it all written down--- somewhere......

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