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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cooking Ahead

I am trying my best to get a bit more organized so that I don't get so frustrated by all the things that I DON"T get done. Neil has been lecturing me on putting too much pressure on myself. I used to keep a To-Do list. I have gotten out of the habit so I am feeling a bit like I am running in circles.

Today, I began working on menu plans and cooking some things ahead. Salena cooked and froze 3 dozen waffles. I tried a new recipe for biscuits and they turned out pretty darn good.

I got seven dozen of them frozen up and ready to make quick breakfasts.

While I was at it, I fried up 2 pounds of bacon.

While is was cold, we hauled the milk to the house and I flash cooled it on the back porch. That gave us plenty of milk for cereal in the mornings.

My plans are to start yogurt production this week. While I am at it, might as well get some buttermilk cultured, too. I use alot of buttermilk in our baking as well as inoculant for soft cheese.

I am hoping that between the bicuits, scrambled eggs, bacon, cereal and yogurt with fruit, we should have breakfast covered and make the mornings run smoother.

I let the boys go to shotgun practice and the 4-H meetings on their own. They made it home with out any blood shed and no phone calls from the leaders to report bad behavior----yet!

This evening,I milked Holly for the first time this whole weekend. Sis and Seth did a good job and both milk cows are alive and well. I brought the milk to the house and have a big batch of cheese started. Should be ready to hang up by morning.

On Charlie's "days" off, he still has to stay up most of the night so that going back to work is not so difficult. Normally, he does laundry, tidies up the kitchen, and does alot of reading. He has agreed to take on bread making duties for me. I am going to make up a big batch of bread mix for him to use in the bread makers. We will see how this little experiment works out.......

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