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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Garden Planning

Anybody else getting spring fever? We have had a very mild winter---especially compared to last year. So far, no snow to speak of and only a day or so of very frigid temperatures. We still are way behind for rain and very dry.

There are a few people in the neighborhood who have homemade green houses. I have dreamed of having one for years. I have saved all the DIY magazines that have "easy plans" for building one. I even have the place picked out to build one but..... no funds or time to jump on that project just yet.

I really do enjoy starting my own garden plants from seed but.... after they sprout, I tend to kill them. I just don't have a place to reliably keep them warm enough, get enough light or just plain keep them safely out of the way of our daily activities.

I do have those really nice terraced raised beds on the south end of our house. I have been meaning to make some cold frames to fit over them so that I could try growing a few things early--- like lettuce. I even have some of the clear fiberglass sheets left over from another project-- that I didn't get done--- I saw plans for a passive solar stock tank heater...... two years ago. I am pretty sure that project is dead for at least another year so I can rob those materials to make the cold frames. 

This morning, the fog is as thick as pea soup. I guess that is what made me think of spring today......

In the meantime, every dish in the kitchen is dirty and Holly and Noelle are waiting.......

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