Shades of Ireland

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cinnamon Roll Madness

I began my morning in the kitchen trying to get all the cheese pots all cleaned up and ready to start processing all this milk. Seth went to the barn to handle milking for me so I could get a head start. It didn't work out the way......

Adam has been trying his hand at cooking for the last month or so and I certainly am not about to discourage that. He has been asking for the last two days to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I explained to him that this was not a quick process. Usually home bakers start making them the day before and finish them up in the morning in time for breakfast.

He was so set on making them, I agreed as long as we froze most of them for later meals. I was just going to supervise while washing and tidying up......... what a  plan that turned out to be.

I was concentrating so hard on getting him to read the directions correctly and follow them in the correct order, that I did not double check his measurements. Some how, he doubled the amount of milk....... this was a big recipe already---- using 9 cups of flour. After it had risen for an hour, I took a look at it and realized that something was very, very wrong. The dough was not dough at all. It had risen beautifully but it was a wet, spongy mess. After reviewing the process with him and realizing the problem, we began trying to work in more flour, sugar, salt and yeast. It took FOREVER!

I decided that it would probably be best to let it rise again. I don't have a bowl big enough for this hunk of dough so I just covered it and left it on the counter. I needed a break.......badly.

Less than an hour later, Seth ambled by and asked me if I knew that the kitchen had been invaded by an alien blob. It had certainly doubled in size so I rounded up the Jr. Chef and we started making the rolls.

We made rolls and made rolls and made rolls.......

I found a few foil pans in the pantry and bagged up three dozen and put them in the freezer.

This was a project that we started at about 9:00 am and did not finish up until right at lunch time.

Guess what we had for lunch??!!! They were delicious.

The sad part is that we still aren't finished. The largest mixing bowl I own is in the refrigerator full of dough. I have to remember to punch it down before I go to bed or the alien will take over the fridge before morning.......

Guess I'll take a stab at getting the cheese stuff done tomorrow


  1. laughing.. out... loud.
    what a blessing to have all of those ready to bake rolls in the freezer!

  2. Charlie took a bunch to work and that bowl full of dough is still in the fridge. The recipe said that it could stay there for 3 days. I'm thinking that I am going to test that.....