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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Is This Tuesday??

Today is payday and that means a 25 mile trip to a bigger town for supplies. Our small town has a small local grocery store that we frequent several times a week but..... there are times when you just need more or different supplies than the locals can provide.

One of those items is printer ink. There is not one cartridge of printer ink available in this entire county...... Another item is a men's sport's jacket or suit. We have not found a single one in this county or the county to our north. It looks like we are going to have to travel over 60 miles to find one for Charlie. He has another job interview and wanted to look particularly spiffy.... The interview is tomorrow so it is just not going to happen this time. He did manage to find a nice pair of pants and a real tie.

Salena is home so she and I made the trip and got a load of stuff. We made it back before lunch and had a surprise visit from our friend, Rachel from Topeka. We had homemade bread and fresh cheese to share with her along with lots of fun and lively conversation.

Farm wise, I haven't done very much today. It rained another inch last night and the whole place is just saturated and now it has turned hot and muggy.  This has made the Crowder, Purple Hull and Blackeyed peas all begin to sprout out in my garden. Now that I have the garden mostly full, I found Lima beans (Southerners call them "butter beans") and of course had to buy that seed. I have been hinting to Seth that we need to expand the garden " just a little bit more.....". So far, he has just heaved deep sighs and rolled his eyes.

I turned the goats out into the newly seeded pasture in the "Upper Pond Lot". It has been empty and growing for about six weeks. When I brought them back in to milk last night, they all waddled back to the barn.  In some places, the weeds and brush had grown higher than their backs. Since the barn/shed for that pasture blew away earlier this year, I can't leave them out there on a permanent basis. This is the same pasture that I added the elbows to the pond drain pipe to try to hold more water. So far, it is working. The water has reached the bottom of the pipes and this is the fullest that we have seen this pond since we moved here. It will take another 4 inch rise in the pond level before it begins to drain. That is A LOT of water and I think that we would need at least another 2 inch rain to do that. This pond catches quite a bit of run off water from the wheat field and the pasture. I am hoping that we don't get it until next week! I thought that I might reach down and check to make sure that the elbows were still secure in the pipe until I saw a water snake poking his head up over the edge of one of the elbows....... I decided that it would probably hold!

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