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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Seasonal Allergies

Fescue is my nemesis. Actually, fescue pollen is the problem. I grew up in various places in the world but spent the bulk of my childhood in south Georgia. There is no fescue grass in south Georgia because it is too blessed hot and humid for it to survive there. In 1983, I moved upstate to Athens, Ga. to attend the University of Georgia----- and met fescue pollen in the spring of 1984. That first exposure nearly killed me.

Since moving to the Midwest, I have become reacquainted with my old enemy. I have learned various coping techniques but have just learned to live with the fact that I am pretty much done with outdoor activities for 7-10 days each spring while it "blooms". I did get some relief from over the counter allergy medications but sine I am having high blood pressure issues, I can't take any of those. I made that mistake last week and almost got myself in to big trouble. My blood pressure jumped dangerously high and I just had to go to bed until it wore off.

Yesterday, I tried a homeopathic remedy and I am afraid it is having the same effect. My BP is not as high as last week but..... high enough to make me feel peculiar. So today, I will be taking it easy again and planning our trip. This is good time to make a to-do-list...... and watch the garden from the bedroom window......... Growing old is not for sissies!

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