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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Remarkable Dogs

If you will remember a few posts back, Seth's German Shepherd, Elsa, blessed us with seven pups under the back deck. These little guys have grown like bad weeds. Of course, they all have names......

This little monster is Shadow--- for obvious reasons. He is one of two males in the litter.

One very unusual trait that Elsa has is that she is NOT gun shy. Every other dog that we own looks for a hiding place as soon as we get a rifle or they even hear a loud bang. Not Elsa. It seems that she has passed this on to her pups.

Seth is practicing hot and heavy to go to the 4-H National Shooting Sports Invitational. He is competing in the muzzleloader division. Just in case you don't know, this involves old fashioned lead balls, black powder,a loud bang and lots of smoke. 

Practice has gotten very interesting around here. Usually, Seth practices down by the pond by shooting into the dam. It is the safest place on our farm to shoot. 

The puppies just LOVE it!

At least five of them  end up down at the pond underfoot and playing around the canoes.

                                               Gives new meaning to "cleaning the gun"............

That one was a little low and to the right..........

Just sayin'

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