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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mama Time

My "little guys" are both gone off for a few days to 4-H camps. Charlie is working so he is asleep during the day. This is the second day that I have been on my own........ and it has been wonderful! I have gotten lots of little things done--- none of it house work!!

Morning chores take the longest and I am pleased to say that I can do them all by myself in just a bit under 2 hours. Neil helps me with the evening chores so it takes even less time.

The big news is that I got those pictures of the wheat field just in the nick of time. Neighbor Farmer combined it all late yesterday afternoon! He got it finished up just before it began to rain.Apparently we had some really strong winds with our rain last night. I totally missed it! This extra work must have worn me out because I slept right through it. When I drove into town this morning, I was amazed by all the downed tree limbs and the acres of corn that had been blown almost flat.

Another bit of good news is that the puppies are finding new homes. The ad came out in the paper yesterday and so far, four of them are gone. That leaves us with 3 females: two black and tan pups and one blue merle. The honest truth is that I am planning on keeping the blue merle until the very last moment. I don't NEED another dog but if one has to stay, I at least want it to be the one that I like the best.

These are the two remaining girls. It took about 20 shots to get a good picture of them because they will not stay still and they will not stay at a distance...... they want to be up close and chewing on my shoes. 

The boys will be back late Friday afternoon and I really hope that they are having a great time. If it dries out enough, another neighbor is going to bale up our wheat straw on halves. We have to get it done pretty quickly because our Neighbor Farmer is going to plant a late crop of soybeans in this field. It should all come together for the straw bales to need to be picked up and moved to the barn about the time the guys get home.....Hoping for somewhere around 200 square bales. I stopped in town this morning and bought us each a new pair of work gloves!

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