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Friday, May 11, 2012

Almost Ready!

This morning we are handling the major items that have to be taken care of before our trip.
Salena had an appointment with our chiropractor because she hasn't been in a while and won't be able to for at least the next four months. Salena had some old horse related injuries as well as work stress and strain that she has needed to have fixed over the past few years. Since she will be spending so much time on her feet and lifting and carrying heavy trays, we decided it would be best to get things adjusted before she left.

Then we zipped into town to pickup the rental car. I booked it online over a week ago. It all looks good online but there are many, many, expensive hidden charges that creep in when you actually go to pick up the car. I was very nice and it paid off. I had reached the point of calling the whole thing off. I was trying very hard not to show my distress and disappointment. We could buy Salena round trip airline tickets---even at this late date-- more cheaply than this was turning out. When the clerk realized that we were about to walk, she very kindly made some major adjustments. We rented the car and will still be making the trip. I am much wiser now, too.

It took forever to get my prescription filled but while we were at Walmart, we were able to visit with many of our old friends and neighbors from Elk City. I got so emotional that I went back over to the pharmacy and bought vitamins and supplements for menopausal women....... I feel like a crazy woman these days!!!

On the home front, I have gotten a few things cooked ahead for the boys. I am making a to-do list for Seth since he decided not to go with us. He has promised me that he will work on his computer school and practice with the muzzle loader while we are gone.

The garden is almost completely mulched. If I can keep my allergies beaten back, I am going to give it a good overall working this evening. The strawberries need picking and I will probably get one more batch of jam made in the morning. We are hoping that Salena's books for her summer classes will arrive in tomorrow's mail so we will not get to leave until the mail lady makes her run. If not, I will have to mail them to her.

Early this morning, I worked on my herb bed and ruthlessly chopped off the parsley and chives. They were almost 2 foot tall and threatening to bloom. They would certainly have gone to seed before we made it back.

I am sure that I am forgetting something but at this point, I don't really care! We are looking forward to this road trip!

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