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Thursday, May 3, 2012

This is not going to last long.....

Today was the first day that I got enough strawberries to make a little jam. Up until this point, we have just been eating them fresh. Sometime earlier this year I found these cute little packets of instant pectin on clearance sale at the local grocery. I had never used this kind of pectin before and I am now hooked! It is hot as blue blazes today and I am just too stubborn to turn on the air condidtioner. I can't bear the thought of that expense so early in the year. This pectin did not require any heating! I just mixed the sugar and the pectin and stirred in the fruit and VOILA`!!! We have jam ready to eat or put in the fridge. It is a very small batch and if I had enough for making jars for the pantry, I would go the old tried and true water bath canning method. Storage is at a premium in our refrigerator but I am quite sure these will be gone in a hurry.

Let me show you what kind of shenanigans go on around here when I am gone off farm. When we were gone a few days ago to buy groceries and supplies, I came home to this:

Bread Violence!!!!

Some one deliberated stabbed a defenceless, fresh loaf of bread with the new fancy bread knife.
All the boys were at home but no one is snitching or confessing. I am pretty sure that Adam is the guilty hooligan...... I wish that I knew how to do the little icon that rolls its' eyes....... 

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