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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Garden Progress

My happy place is looking pretty good these days. I am already weary of weeding but I am still at it---- half heartedly..... I am very glad that I got so much mulched but I can definitely tell where I got in a hurry and did not put down the newspaper or feed sacks before the straw. Crabgrass!!

This is the green beans with my home grown tomato plants in the back ground. I am having to really keep my ego in check about those tomatoes..... I am pretty darn proud of them.

The boys and I went and got a small load of the bunny stuff yesterday. I top dressed one of the raised beds that is pretty barren. I don't think that was enough to make it productive but I am scratching my head about how to fix it. I am too lazy to just dig all of the dirt..... I mean soil..... out of there are start again. Surely if I keep addding enough good stuff it will eventually come around. This is the raised bed that I filled with the potting soil/growing medium from cleaning out the commercial green house last year. It is apparently mostly peat moss and vermiculite to keep the bedding plant containers light weight. It is very difficult to keep that bed from completely drying out between waterings or rains.  

Speaking of good stuff---- I am going to make a trip over to the sheep dairy to check out the bedding pile from last winter. He assures me that they is more there than I will ever use but..... usually it has not composted because they just toss it out or push it out with the skid steer. It ends up just being dirty straw instead of compost. If that is the case, I am going to just use it to finish mulching the bare spots. I might just go ahead and expand the garden for next year and heavily mulch the ground to smother out alot of the grass.
Heck, I could even go crazy and mulch around all the fruit trees inthe front orchard.

This all sounds very industrious but as long as these allergies are acting up, it is all just talk.....

This was Seth's Sunday project. He built a stand out of recycled pallets to raise up the rain barrels. He managed to get four of them up a bit higher and has plans to add four more. That would give us eight - 55 gallon holding capacity. That is HEAVY! I am not ay all sure that this will be sturdy enough but time will tell. We are hoping for a little rain this week. It takes about 1/2 inch of rain to fill up four of these. We are only catching rain from about 1/3 of our rooftop..... Our limiting factor is the barrel supply because I am cheap and will not buy them.......

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