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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Miss Me???

I think that I may be back in the land of the living. Between, fatigue, menopause and allergies, it took me too long to recover from the trip.

My girl is beginning to adjust to her new life and we are beginning to adjust to her long absence. With modern technology, we can chat with her quite often.

Adam is learning to crochet which means I have another subject to teach. So far, we have several crochet strings that are over ten feet long. By this afternoon, I will probably have to show him how to add to that and begin crocheting in earnest.

My garden survived my trip much better than I did! I do have some major weeding to do but nothing that I can't catch up in a couple of hours. The problem is getting control of my allergies long enough to get to spend those two hours outside. I have been sneaking out a few minutes every afternoon and watering from the rain barrels. Seth and I plan to raise them a bit higher and try to do a little re plumbing. That is much easier to do when the barrels are empty!

 It is getting pretty dry around here and folks are baling hay as hard and fast as they can. After last year's drought, us cattle farmers are not going to breath easy until we have a surplus of winter feed stock piled.

Our wheat is turning a nice golden brown. We are thinking that it will be combined in about 10 days or so.

We have a gimpy cow again. It is the same poor old girl that I have been watching for a year. Right now, Lou has a beautiful white faced heifer and she is doing a good job raising her. I decided to try to give her a shot of antibiotics to see if we couldn't help her out. Her ankle is pretty swollen and it is hard for her to walk. I was afraid that herding her up to the barn and catch pen would cause more harm than good so we borrowed a dart gun from a friend. By the time we got it and were ready to give it a try, the dew had dried off and the fescue pollen was flying....... I was beginning to have itchy eyes and sneeze. Seth got the honors of shooting her. This is the first time we have ever used a dart gun and I am trying to decide if we need to buy one in the future. Eventually, I will be doing this on my own after the kids fly the nest and before Neil retires. It would be really handy to treat a sick cow with out having to handle them all to get her caught.
I am not sure if it is just wishful thinking or not but I think she is getting around a little better this morning.

Salena took my camera with her to Yellowstone so the pictures will be few and far between until I find my old one or get a new one.

Off to try to get a new phone.... for some reason, the size of the letters in a text have become too small for me to read..... with out my glasses! I can barely keep up with the phone and never can seem to find my reading glasses when I need them.

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