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Friday, May 25, 2012

Need A Reset Button....

I am having a very difficult time getting myself back into the swing of things. There are an overwhelming number of chores and projects that NEED to be done and I don't seem to be able to prioritize them and just get started.....
My allergies are lingering longer this year, too. After a bit of research, I have discovered that seems to be another wonderful part of menopause--- stronger and longer allergy symptoms!! Who would have thought????

That means that my time outside is limited to early mornings when the dew is heavy enough to keep the pollen from flying and during times when the wind is not blowing...... this is Kansas!! The times that the wind is not blowing are few and far between! I do have a homeopathic nasal spray that gives me some relief without causing my blood pressure to skyrocket into stroke range. Allergy eye drops keep me functioning. These can only do so much and I end up spending much of my day indoors....... and it is very depressing! I have had to turn the air conditioner on to help filter the air but have it set very high.

I have been going through recipes and trying to organize my kitchen. I know that the garden produce will begin flooding in very soon so I thought that I might go ahead and get all the canning stuff rounded up.
I have managed to slip out to the garden to briefly weed and generally check things over. 

I have small tomatoes and the green beans are beginning to bloom! The squash are already a total loss. The bugs have just overwhelmed them and they are all wilted. Those poor plants only had 2 or 3 leaves! They never stood a chance....... Obviously, I need to figure out what is is about this place and that section of the garden that attracts the bugs. I have been doing quite a bit of reading and research suggests that soil deficiencies cause some plants to be overwhelmed by certain insects. I certainly have a problem in that raised bed!

Seth is supposed to be practicing with his muzzle loader for the national contest but I have to insist that he get out there and do it. After his ( brief) practice this morning, I think we are going to make a quick run to the rabbit raiser in town and get some manure. He has a huge pile that he has offered to me and I certainly have places to use it.

I am determined to push my luck today with my allergies! We have already driven out into the pasture to check the cows and I managed to get over to the barn and milk the goats. Seth milked Holly while I was waiting for my nasal spray to kick in...... What a life!!! 

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