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Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting Ready....

This week is going to be a preparation week. The boys and I are taking Salena to her summer internship job at Yellowstone National Park. We will be leaving next Saturday but...... it will take nearly every moment between now and then to get things organized for Neil. Poor guy is going to handle the milking chores for us before and after work.

-At this point, we almost have the "extra goats" dried off.
-I have been mulching the garden as I go along and it is almost completely "under straw". I am hoping that   it will not be taken over by the weeds while I am gone.
- Strawberries are coming in hot and heavy. I am hoping they slack off by the weekend.
- Need to make a trip to the feed store
-Today, we are making a town run to try to find suitable clothes and shoes for Sis. She has just worn her shoes out since she is on her feet at her coffee shop and catering jobs.
-I am going to have to find the time to cook ahead this week. Partly for us to take with us on the trip and also to feed Neil and Charlie while we are gone.

All this is to apologise in advance because I don't think that I will be blogging much over the next two weeks!

One less thing to worry about is Seth's heifer. He bought her at the sale barn and she needed lots of TLC. She calved yesterday with a nice healthy bull calf. No problems and she is handling her new job as a Mama with flying colors.

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