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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Off Slaying Dragons.....

This is a phrase that we often use around our house when one of us is going out into the world..... leaving the snug little realm of our farm for work, school or adventures.

Today, it has struck me pretty hard that some of us will soon be leaving the farm for bigger dragons and for longer periods of time..... maybe even for good.

Salena just hauled out heading for Stillwater to finish up her final exams and the last few days of her job. She will be back home briefly before starting her Yellowstone adventure.

Charlie just left for his job interview--- dressed all spiffy in freshly ironed and starched clothes and sporting a tie. He decided to stop at the store and get a drink just so he could shock the clerk---- and settle his stomach.

Seth coaxed the weaned calves up into the catch pen this morning. I went over and we crowded them up so that we could dose them with fly repellent. Soon, we will do the same thing with the cows and the bull. When we were finished, he began to tell me about a project he was working on and plans that he was working through....... I stood there listening to this very confident young man and got just a glimpse of what a fine person he is.......

Many years ago, I was at a homeschooling conference and heard a phrase that stuck with me. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, " The years teach much which the days never knew."  Somehow, as a frazzled mother with little kids, I understood the significance of that and I have been able to be mindful that time is fleeting and these days pass all too quickly.  I have been very grateful for the sheer amount of TIME that we have had to spend with each other. Even so, it is bittersweet to reach this point in our lives together.

The older two feel it as well. They want to go but they want to stay.....They are excited and afraid. So am I!  Things can't stay the way they are. Their lives are calling and they have to go...... just not too quickly..... for my sake.

Adam just hollered in to me.... " Mom! We are on our own! What are we going to do?" We will think of something...... I am thinking that ice cream sounds good for lunch.

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