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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Garden Goodies

I am pretty darn proud of my root crops..... probably because I have never had very much luck growing either of these. Picked a big handful of green beans and three jalepeno peppers, too.

Our wheat averaged 52 bushels to the acre. Considering how late it was planted, we are thrilled! The bad news is that we have had a little rain almost every day since it was combined. That means that we will not be baling any of the stubble for wheat straw. It has already begun to mold. Another farmer has promised to try and get his wheat straw baled so that we can get about 200 bales. I need this for animal bedding and to mulch the garden. In a pinch or a cold storm, livestock will eat it, too.

Our cattle are looking amazing. Even the old cows are slick and fat. I am watching for a few calves to be born in June. We are all bouncing idea around about cross fencing and rotational grazing.

The poor tractor, Hammer, has finally just stopped. Tapping on the starter will not convince it to crank. We bought a new (rebuilt) starter that took two days to arrive. With great anticipation, Neil and Adam put it on and....... absolutely nothing! After much detective work, help from a neighbor and several phone calls to other mechanic types, they determined that the new starter has a wire short. Back to the parts store and now we are waiting for another one to arrive on Wednesday.

The boys are home and we are almost back to our routine!

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