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Saturday, April 21, 2012


It has been action packed this weekend--- and we still have Sunday to go!

Friday night, the family came to pick up the goat kids that I raised for them--- Thank goodness! They have three young children and stayed for quite while. It was fun to visit and Adam had a blast with their kids. They seemed to enjoy watching me milk Holly. They asked me if I would sell them one of those roosters that are still hanging out on Death Row..... I was delighted to give them one. All that I have left to butcher are 4 monstrously big guys..... I keep turning them out to free range but they all keep coming back. If they were hens, I am sure the owls and hawks would have carried them all off by now.

As soon as this family left, my milk customer came to pick up their weekly gallon of Holly milk. About the time they got out of the driveway good, Salena and her friend, Rachael, drove in.

This morning, Seth and Salena took Racheal for a short horseback ride. She did very well for a total greenhorn.

This afternoon, we had another houseful of children come for an early celebration of Adam's eleventh birthday. My friend, Brandi, and her hubby came with their three kids plus a nephew. They had fun on the trampoline, running races, shooting targets and eating lots of cake..... speaking of cake-- Adam made his own birthday cake and frosted it all by himself.

In between all this, I managed to get a little gardening done. Neil and Charlie even got some of my new rows tilled and ready for seeds.

By the time we got barn chores done as well as a bit of kitchen clean up duty, I am ready for bed.....

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