Shades of Ireland

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Something in Red

For most of my life, my favorite color has been red. Most of my clothing through out the years has sported the color red. I have been noticing over the last few years that I seem to have mellowed to pink....... Several shirts and shorts are not red but PINK. Someone recently commented on the amount of pink in my wardrobe..... I hadn't noticed! LOL!

Not so in my kitchen. Salena ( bless her) came home this weekend and almost immediately went ot work in my kitchen disaster area. I have been overworked and moving in slow motion while trying to get accustomed to this new medicine. After she got it tamed down a bit, I moved in to get the cheese finished up.

 I have at least a half dozen stainless steel pots but I always seem to use this lovely enameled pot that Seth got me for Christmas. When we would walk throught the store and pass this display, I would lovingly rub my hand over one of them..... but I felt that it was too expensive to buy since I had all those other cheese making pots. Seth said he just couldn't stand it....... what a guy! I wish that I could remember just where I put the lid that goes with it!!

I have a stainless steel colander, too. But isn't this one just beautiful???? I know, I know...... I am slightly nuts for thinking that a colander is beautiful---- but it is!!

When I spied these bright red dish pans at Dollar General, I HAD to have them. I used them almost exclusively in cheesemaking but I am pretty sure that I will also use them this summer when I am canning stuff.

The kids have gotten me red measuring cups and spoons, dishcloths and our dinner plates are red, too. They are calling it my "red phase"!

On a different note, we are heading over to the barn about 2 hours early this evening to do our chores. The weather man is warning that we may be "in the red" tonight. They are forecasting extremely bad storms and tornadoes. I am really hoping that they are very wrong but we are preparing as best as we can anyway. Our neighbor is 90 years old and she lives alone. If the alarms go off, we are heading to her house. She has an indoor cellar but is unable to lift and open the door. We don't have a cellar--- yet.

Hoping and praying that everyone in tornado alley stays safe and sound tonight!!


  1. I love that red colander. I have a collection of colanders that includes a blue one and several very old ones. None of them compare to that red one.

  2. My neighbor was cleaning out her garage and gave me a red enameled mixing bowl..... I can't wait to get it cleaned up.
    So happy some one else understands my colander obsession!