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Sunday, April 22, 2012

One More Thing.....

We have gotten an amazing amount of things accomplished today with actually planning much of anything. I love days like this that just seem to flow......

It started out with us telling stories and remembering the morning that Adam was born. I had Adam at home and the older kids can remember what they were doing at the time...... Charlie and Salena were milking goats --- of course! Seth had gone to Sunday school with another family. They brought him home early so that he could meet his new brother. It is very hard to believe that it was eleven years ago!

The boys ( Neil and Seth) handled the barn chores and milking for me this morning while I got milk pasteurized and started a gallon of yogurt.

Then, Salena and I plotted and planned how we were going to get her to Yellowstone Park this summer and back home in the fall. The Internet is a wonderful tool for price checking and research!

Then Seth got most of the cows coaxed up into the lot so that the guys could wean a couple of calves. I let them handle all of the cow working so that I could spend some time in my garden.

Meanwhile, our weekend house guest slept until 10:00 am. She was really tired and it is pretty peaceful and quiet out here in the hinterlands. She slept like a rock and we just let her.

The kids did a little target practice with their guns. That was a new experience for Rachael but she did very well. Then they enjoyed a few rounds of skeet shooting before the girls had to head to school. Both of them had to work this evening so they had to get back before 5:00pm.

Adam and I went to a "plant swap" at a friend's house. We had never done this before but we had a ball and made out like bandits. We each dug up 3-5 plants from our garden and flowerbeds and took them to swap. Some of the ladies were very generous and brought buckets of daylillies, iris and other neat plants. We came home with many more than we took and Adam has promised to help me get them all planted tomorrow.

Neil and I went out and found a spot to plant two pecan trees that I could not resist buying earlier in the week. While we were planting, we talked about his Uncle Howard who continued to plant trees even after he was very old and knew that he would never live to see them produce a thing. We decided that when you plant a tree, you aren't planting it for " just you".......

Spent some more time in "my happy place" garden planting sweet potatoes and talking with Charlie.

It has been a nice Sunday........

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