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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just Some Farm Stuff

Look at my tomatoes.... I am pretty darn proud of them! They are not quite as green as the ones for sale at Walmart but considering how many times I have forgotten them outside, dropped them on the way in or out of the house, they are looking spectacular.....

The little plants are some late Roma tomatoes and Bell Peppers. I had just about given up on those peppers sprouting and was thinking of planting something else in there and suddenly, it must have gotten warm enough to trigger germination.

Adam and I were browsing around the feed store last weekend and found these strawberry seeds. I had never, ever seen strawberry SEEDS. I have already planted another 50 plants this year and have a really well established strawberry bed but..... it is a known fact that you can never have too many strawberries, so I bought a pack. These little things have a bright orange seed coating to help them germinate -- and help you to see them when you are planting them. I decided to start them in starter pots just to see how many actually do sprout. The package indicates that there are 150 seeds in it. I am having a hard time finding pots to start them in and I am beginning to think there actually may be 150! If this little experiment works, I am going to have to make another hugelkulter bed for them. Maybe even two....

Yesterday, I was watching this cow. I call her Mouse (actually Mousey Lightfoot because she kicked the trailer door out of my grasp as I was unloading her when we bought her). She stayed off to herself away from the rest of the herd for most of the day and I was pretty sure that we would have a new calf this morning. She did a very good job all by herself and has a really nice heifer to add to the herd. The calf is actually grayer than Mouse so I am not sure what to call her.....

We have a full weekend coming up. Salena will haul in from college sometime later tonight. The "little boys" are pretty excited about going to Easter-Voo. Every year Mike and Belinda Adams ( aka Blue Hawk and Morning Star) host a black powder muzzle loader re-enactment. It has been several years since we have gone and this will be the first one that Adam is old enough to remember. At the last one, we all took turns pushing him in his stroller! Luckily, this one is just about 20 miles from home so we will still be able to participate and get home to do chores. They are planning to camp on Saturday night.

Some time during all this, I still have the regular chores to do as well as start working on our taxes...... <sigh> no fun at all! <sigh>


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