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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Executive Decisions

This morning, Noelle passed her test. I have not been faithfully milking her. The idea is to dry her off. She is still thin (probably normal for a Jersey but I like for them to carry more condition than this.....) While sitting there between the two big girls watching the milk flow through the tubes into the bucket, I made THE decision. Something about sitting there just induces deep thoughts...... I am pretty dang sure that Holly is bred and carrying a heifer. I like Noelle but I LOVE Holly! So, if I keep a replacement heifer it will be from Queen Holly. Good enough. I officially declare Noelle "dry". She is making very little milk and not enough to stress either one of us. As soon as we finished and hauled their milk bucket to the barn kitchen, I turned both of them loose into the cow pasture---- with the borrowed Angus bull. Holly is pregnant so she is just out there for unlimited grazing and will be waiting at the gate for me at milking time. Noelle is out there for unlimited grazing---- and romance!

I was planning to butcher those last four roosters that are haunting me and causing all kinds of trouble and extra work over at the barn. I decided to procrastinate for one more day. My kitchen needs some clean up and organization before I jump on that. I am going to butcher them and then cook them all in the pressure cooker. After that, I am going freeze and can the meat for future meals....... that is the plan anyway. To do all that, I need better working space and to find enough jars and freezer containers. Right now the counters are covered with cooling jars of crock pot marinara sauce, cheese draining and another batch making. I also bought a few groceries yesterday and somehow they did not all get put away. On top of all that, I delegated last night's kitchen duty and...... let's just say I still have work to do!

It is still morning....... we have gotten all the barn chores done and my milk customer came. I haven't made it out to the garden yet!  

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