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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No Response

Apaprently the Russians are content to be a silent audience...... oh, well!

I thought this pretty pretty well summed up my day yesterday. Something was out of whack the whole day. This is our future herd sire ( the goat --- not my hubby) and he was determined to stay on the deck. I had no idea how many holes and gaps I had in the fence but I think that we have them all fixed or blocked now. He followed Neil back into the goat lot last night at chores and he hasn't been back to the house in almost 24 hours.

When I got up yesterday to do morning chores, Seth was gone. His bed was empty and I could not believe my good fortune.... maybe he was already doing chores??!!! No such luck. When I got to the barn, I noticed a saddle and a horse was missing along with Seth. They stayed gone until mid afternoon. He had been with the neighbor working cattle and somehow I did not get the memo.

I spent most of my day working in the garden. I have to sit down tonight and update my garden planning sheet before I forget what I planted and where I planted it...... nothing like mystery gardening!

Remember those Alpine strawberry seeds? They are a flop! I feel robbed! Out of ALL those seeds that I planted and have faithfully kept watered, I think there is a grand total of SEVEN very tiny plants that have emerged.
The good news is that tomorrow, I will be picking the first strawberries of the season..... probably 4-6 berries but it is a start. I am closely watching those blueberries,too. I am thinking that I will get to eat a few before Saturday.

I took this picture of the lambs in ICU just before we moved them to outside pens. All of them have something wrong with them--- mostly a bad leg or foot. They have all improved dramatically. Basically, they have a 24 hour milk bar, full feed, hay and water. On top of that, they have a waitress that keeps the buffet well stocked. Now, they have a room with a view. How much better could life get for a gimpy lamb?

Today was blazing hot and I know that it hit the 90 degree mark. Tomorrow is not supposed to be quite that hot at about 85....... Chances of rain are increasing for the rest of the week and I am trying to figure out how to re-arrange my rain barrels. They are too low to the ground for me to get gravity to force the water all the way out to the garden. All this walking and carrying water back and forth is doing wonders for my figure but ..... I want EASY.

I had a doctor's appointment early this morning and got a good report. Blood pressure is down and I have lost a little weight ( emphasis on little.....) I go back in 3 months. Then we made a run into Walmart. That pretty much wipes out three hours of my day and I needed a nap when I got home. Half the day gone!

I had lost all track of my days and Neil told me that tomorrow is first I didn't believe him.... LOL!!

I almost forgot to show you our newest bottle baby. The folks that we raised the last bunch of Boer kids for left me this one. Right now, he is camped in a small pen in the front yard under the shade tree. He is not any brighter than the last group but at least he is very cute..... he also has a hurt foot. That seems to be normal for the strays on this farm.....

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  1. If I were a gimpy goat, or lamb, or whatever, I'd be so happy to be in your ICU!

    Congrats on the good report from the doctor. Hauling water DOES make for good exercise, doesn't it?!