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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More babies on the Farm

Yesterday was goat sale day! My neighbor and I "car pooled" to sale since we were both hauling off buck kids. I took 10 bucklings and a cull doe. Now, in addition to the cow and a half, I am milking somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-9 goats. Needed someplace for the extra milk to go so we bought 2 Jersey bull calves. Isn't this one just beautiful??? Too pretty to be a boy, but..... he is and is destined to be hamburger in the freezer.

We are still giving Holly's calf, Mater, a bottle as well as the 7 goat kids on the lambar. Now we add these two Jersey's to the bottle list.

Salena's cow, Wilma, had a heifer calf on April 1st. I am watching our Charolais cow right now and expect a calf by tomorrow--- or trouble....

Guess what else we discovered in the barn???

One of the barn cats had hidden a litter of kittens. This is their first sampling of milk.

I don't have pictures yet but about a week ago, I broke down and bought 10 chicks from the feed store. They are supposed to be pullets so no more butchering for a while. I still have 5 of those monster Speckled Sussex roosters that are hanging around, eating their heads off....

Today, we got another "gift". Despite trying our best to keep Elsa and Hugh penned separately, Elsa had at least 7 pups waaaaaay up under the deck. I swear that she did not look big enough to have two pups and I can't believe she even had pups at all! She is only 10 months old and should not have even come into season yet..... Hugh has gone to live at another home and I do not miss him AT ALL.   

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