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Monday, April 16, 2012

Fruit On The Way

I showed the voluptuous strawberry beds earlier so let me show you what else is happening in the fruit orchard.

The four grapevines down the hill have survived! I have high hopes that they just might begin to reach the top of the gazebo this year. If you look very closely just left of center in this picture, there is what passes for grape flowers! I am not counting on getting very many but we should be able to snack on a handful this year.

Blueberries!! Two plants have quite an impressive number on them. If I can keep the boys from accidentally whacking them down with the weed eater, I just might get enough for us to have on a few bowls of cereal.

And finally---- peaches! Apparently the last frost did not do as much damage as I feared it would. The plum tree lost all of it's little blossoms and fruit but two peach trees were tough enough to set a few.

The tame blackberry thicket has not bloomed yet but I have turned the goats in on it to help thin it down. It is soooooo wild that most of the fruit is unreachable. The goats really haven't improved that situation..... I am just going to have to steel myself to mowing part of it down. Maybe in my spare time I could transplant some of it........ LOL!!

I have had a pretty full day already. I zipped over and milked the cows a bit early to catch milk for a customer and to leave early with Charlie. He has a job interview coming up and needed to buy new clothes. I went along for fashion advice--- for what it was worth. It was fun but..... I am dragging. I bought a new book from Kobo last night and downloaded it to my eReader. Big mistake! I stayed up too late reading it and now I am going to have to take a nap!

I just sent the boys over to check the goats. Scatter brain that I am, I turned them out in to the big pasture and forgot about them! That pasture is not fenced to keep them in---- the fence is just a suggestion---- but there is so much brush and weeds that they can graze with out getting into too much trouble....... for a little while anyway! It has been about an hour. I am hoping that they are not on their way down the highway towards town.......

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