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Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Monday.....

It is a beautiful Monday but...... we are recovering from a big weekend. The boys spent most of it at "Easter-Voo". This is a pre-1840 mountain man rendezvous re-enactment that has happened every Easter for the past 27 years. We haven't made it for the last few years but since Seth is back to shooting black powder and Adam has taken it up, this year we decided to go. The boys camped on Saturday night in a cold canvass wall tent but Mama came home to her bed. Besides, I had to do the milking chores early the next morning. The boys had a blast and shot well.

We had an unfortunate casualty on Saturday. Last week, the horses got out of their summer pasture because the calves frolicked through the electric fence. I was busy and so was Seth. I told him just to not worry about it and we would keep an eye on them and fix the fence when we could....... BIG mistake. When Neil and I went out to check cows on Saturday morning, we found the newest heifer calf dead. The horses had just stomped her to death....... It is not unusual for horses that are "bred to work cows" to be very aggressive in a pasture with cattle. We were heartbroken and the horses are back up around the barn until we can get the fence fixed again. This is the first calf that we have lost in many years but it was an expensive lesson about procrastination.

Today, I just couldn't stand it any longer and decided to plant the tomatoes.

First, I went over to the chicken pen to get a bucket of black gold to put in the bottom of hole. I learned a little trick last year from a fellow on Homesteading Today. He breaks and egg in to the hole. The shell provides a little calcium and the egg seems to act as a fertilizer. All I know is that my plants last year did not seem to go through a transplant shock and they did wonderfully. Heaven knows that we have the eggs to spare!

I got this flat of nine planted and mulched. You can't see them but they are in there! I put most of the plant in the hole and only leave the top few leaves out. I still have a bunch more to put out but these were the biggest and hardest to keep transporting back and forth from the house and garage.

Adam wants to go in to the library this afternoon. By the time we get back, it will be time for Seth to head in to work and before you know it--- time for evening chores. Days just seem to slide past.....

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