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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wet Weather

It rained all day yesterday and my rain barrels are full and over flowing. I am so grateful for my insulated Muck boots. I bought them a couple of years ago but misplaced them in the big move. During all that snow and bitter cold last winter, I used my hot pink rubber boots and even with wool socks, my feet were cold. We were rummaging through some stored boxes in the gargage looking for Christmas stuff and I found my Muck boots. Just in time!

After the drought this summer, I do not mind this dreary wet weather or slogging around in the mud. I am a bit concerned about how we are going to put out the big bales of hay today with out getting stuck or making a hug muddy mess. I guess that the mess doesn't really matter because the cows HAVE to be fed.
Since we sold the bull, a cull cow and all those steer calves, the hay consumption has really dropped.

Western Kansas is getting snow and lots of it. Salina, Ks is about 2 1/2 hours NW of us and they are expecting somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 inches. We are only forecast for rain but I am still going to get everything at the house and barn prepared for a big snow---- just in case. The weather man has been known to be wrong---- very wrong!

Late last year, I bought a small generator to use at the barn to run the milking machine in case we lost power. Better make sure we have fuel and oil for it. I think that I had better fire up the kerosene heater just to give it a test run before it is needed. The boys stacked the garage with firewood for the house. Better put some extra in the garden shed. I am pretty sure we have enough groceries for a couple of months but since Salena is home, might be a good time to do a seasonal pantry check.

I am pretty sure that I have gotten all of my Christmas shopping done. I bought things and forgot what I had stored....... I have been pulling things out of the closet and surprising myself!

Seth went over and milked the young Jerseys for me last night. He said that all that he had to do was open the barn door and they both went in and right into the milk stantions. What an improvement! I am waiting a few days to post more pictures to see if I can compare the early pictures and see a marked difference. I know that they feel better because of their attitudes and how much friendlier they are.

These short, dark days are really difficult for me. I have a hard time just making myself get up and do what needs to be done when it is cold and dark. I am looking forward to Christmas but also the Winter Soltice. Winter may begin in earnest but the day will begin to get just a bit longer, too.

Salena just burst in to let me know that our old dog, Lizzy, is having puppies at the back door.....
You never know just what a day will bring........

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