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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out With the Old.....

I am a bit unnerved at just how fast this year has flown by. Heck-- I am amazed at how fast my whole life has seemed to rush by!

If you will remember, I had a list of chores and projects that I had hoped to get checked off the list before ringing in the New Year. I am afraid that most of them will still be on the list tomorrow. This back injury has proved to be way more than I realized. Yesterday was pretty much wasted. I ended up going on to see my Chiropractor late yesterday afternoon. She worked me over and put me on some machine that basically runs an electrical current through my muscles....... It was WONDERFUL..... LOL!! I am getting around better but still not up to my usual chores.

Salena and I did get the kitchen cabinets reorganized and cleaned out. We found some things that really did not need to bring in the New Year with us. This afternoon, I am going to test out the two breadmakers that I found in the cabinets. Yes-- two of them. I still have two food processors, a meat grinder, three large pressure canners, two small pressure canners, and a grain mill that need to find a convientent home in this kitchen. Then there are Salena's cake decorating stuff wandering around the cabinets, too.

 I have managed to slowly get the canning jars shuffled out of the cabinets and down into the new cabinet.

Speaking of the new cabinets, I don't think that I ever put up a picture of the finished jobs.

                                                          This is half of the jar cabinet.

This is the whole cabinet with the bar stools. I just love how it turned out---- despite all the cussing I did building it......

The work center turned out even better.

I do not know how we ever got along with out the extra refridgerator. It is small but works out great for some of my bulk items.

While I was typing this, I could hear gunfire out back. The extended doe season opens tomorrow and Salena and Adam intend to deer hunt. They are sighting their rifles across the pond into the bank of the dam.

Hope your New Year celebrations are wonderful and safe!!

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