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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just a quick update

On the fly today! Payday shuffle.

I have already made a dash to the feed store and stocked up for the next couple of weeks.

My friend came over to see "her" Jersey and is as hopeful as I am.

Seth and I just sort of herded the new girls into the milk barn. They actually went thru that narrow door on their own and only needed a little persuasion to get into the milking stantions. It had been over 24 hours since I milked them last and this time I decided touse the machine. The sound of the pump was familiar to them and they both stood like seasoned milkers. Number 64 ( I am leaning towards Nichole for her name) is just more nervous and it took her a bit to relax and let her milk down. I did not strip them out and got just over a gallon from the two of them. The cats could not believe their good fortune. Both girls seem to be perking up a bit and looking a little fuller and not to gaunt. I think that I am going to keep up this once a day relief milking schedule and see how things turn out.

Holly is STILL very pregnant. So much for my guess of her calving early. Her due date is the 17th and it looks like she is going to keep that calf until then.

Now to get my grocery list together and head into town. We are getting ready for a small Christmas party for Neil's work crew. I guess that means I need to clean house a bit, too......

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