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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snowy After Soltice.

We have had snow today. It started at around noon but has not stuck or accumulated. At times it was coming down very hard and almost completely horizontal--- blizzard style. Great big feathery flakes that were heavy and wet dropped on our coats.

Sis and I were in town getting a much needed haircut--or more like a good trim. It is still long but doesn't look so shaggy now. I have not yet decided exactly what is going on with all this hair. Normally, I keep it whacked off pretty short but for the last year or so, I have just let it grow. I have never been very hairstyle conscience but since I had a house full of children, I didn't want the bother of an elaborate hair do. I just kept it short and neat. I must be having a midlife crisis of sorts.

After we got home, I had to take my nice, neat, new hair cut out into the blustery,weather and work on building a wind break for the dairy cows. We fixed up a place for them to have a nice big, dry shelter but I still felt the sharp wind was too much on my skinny girls. Salena and I cleaned out the next big section under the pole barn next to the chicken pen for them. The north side was still open so I put up old pieces of plywood to block the wind and strung up a couple of old tarps to complete the project. Charlie and I dragged a hay rack in and the girls followed us for the alfalfa. 

The temperature was still above freezing but my ears and nose were pretty cold. My sinus infection is better but the cold lets me know that I am not well, yet. Here in Kansas, it is not the cold that gets to you, it is the sharp, sharp wind.

Sweet Lizzy has not felt well today. This afternoon, we discovered the reason. She passed a very large stillborn puppy. Twelve puppies in all...... she is eating and moving around. Salena has made a pass through the pack and given them all a little formula from a bottle. I am pretty sure that we are going to have to seperate the mob and let Lizzy have them in shifts so that it doesn't just wear her out.  We are still discussing the best way to do that...... calls for a little research.

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