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Friday, December 9, 2011

Holly Watch

I am very excited and poor Holly is pretty miserable. We expect her to have her calf with in the next 10 days. I actually think it will be sooner. Yesterday, Seth pulled her out of the heifer pasture and into the goat lot. This gives her easy access to the barn and a large bale of hay with out so much competition from the other 10 heifers. It also makes it easier for me to keep an eye of her. Seth called me at one point and told me that she had lots of "goopy stuff" and he was thinking that she was in labor. False alarm but it got us all in gear for getting ready and set back up to milk. Frankly, the milk parlor and kitchen are a mess! Another thing to add to my weekend list.
Last night at evening chores, I let her in a stall and began feeding her a little dairy ration and a small swatch of alfalfa hay. She seemed to appreciate the bucket of warm water,too. She stood and ate while I went out and handled the other chores and walked out to check cows. It took longer than I thought it would because I had to walk waaaaaaay around Brindle and her calf. She is more protective of this one than her last and began pawing the ground and blowing at me at quite a distance. I appreciate her position but she is too big of a risk to keep around.
While Brindle doesn't want me with in a country mile of her, Holly wants me to stand and rub her back and hips indefinitely. When I came to the house last night, she tried herbest to talk me into lettingher come through the gate with me.....

Neil has already checked her for me before he left for work and tells me that she is just fine. So, I am going to sit here and enjoy another cup of coffee, surf the net a bit, and think about my huge pile of dirty laundry....  

I got about half of that deer processed yesterday afternoon and plan to finish him up today before Salena gets home from school. Tomorrow is Neil's birthday so she is planning a cake for him. Hopefully, she and I canget a little deer hunting squeezed in this weekend, too.

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