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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Tradition

As I have mentioned--- countless times-- last Christmas, I was nursing my beloved Holly back to health.
Apparently, I am starting a tradition. Word has gotten out that I am not too bright and a glutton for punishment.

Meet Nichole and Noelle

 Last year, I got one Jersey milk cow. This year, I got TWO! The chances of getting FOUR next year are looking pretty good.......

These girls are from a large commercial dairy. They just could not compete in a confinement setting so they are thin and frail. On top of that, they were bred too early. They are the bovine version of skinny, teenage unwed mothers. Tomorrow, I will make the decision about whether or not to milk them. 

They seem pretty gentle but they certainly aren't pets. They are used to being herded into a commercial dairy parlor. I am not at all sure how we are going to get them into our home made set up. If this turns out to be the last post on my blog, you will know that it did not turn out well......

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