Shades of Ireland

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Babies

After it was all said and done, our poor Lizzy has ELEVEN beautiful pups.

Quite a pile. isn't it?

And finally, a shot of Holly's boy.


  1. Wow, ELEVEN puppies??!! What breed are they? And will Lizzy have enough milk to feed them all or are you going to have to intervene?

  2. These guys are Austrailian Shepherds. Lizzy is a very old dog...... somewhere around 10 years old. This was quite a surprise to all of us since she has not come in season in many years. All total, there are 4 females and 7 males. We realized that she was expecting a big litter and have been suplementing her dog ration. We are prepared to bottle feed a few pups but so far, Lizzy is handling them all. We have pet bottles and the specialized puppy milk on hand from the vet.