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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update After the Puppy Explosion

I have had a headache for the last two days. After taking and posting the pictures of the pups, I ended up having to go in to see our doctor. Seems that I have developed a really bad sinus infection. After some pain relief and my first antibiotic, I began to think that I was actually going to live through this holiday season. I have slept all afternoon and decided to get out a bit and take a few pictures of the Jerseys.

I think that they are getting better by the day.

This one is full and content to lounge around on her bale of hay, so I just let her. This is the one with the udder injury. Getting up and down rubs against the sore and is painful. I am just happy that she is calm enough to let me get close to pet her with out leaping up in hysterics. She will be moving to her new home early next week.

Not quite so boney and she has a bit of a rounded tummy! Even the rough hair is begining to slick off. She is alert and comes directly to us looking for feed. I had a hard time keeping her far enough away to get a full body picture. Every morning, she tries her best to be the first one into the milking stantion and I think that we will try to get the orange tape snipped off of her hind legs in the near future. Those came with her from the dairy and are the markers to remind them that she has had antibiotics and her milk has to be dumped. In this case, her milk was tainted for 10 days. They had given her that shot almost a week before I got her and I am only milking her every other day. Not quite dried off but not keeping her from growing and putting on weight.We will not be drinking her milk probably until next year unless she improves as well as Holly did.

The trip out to get these shots was not a good idea. The cold air has made my head pound again. Salena has a huge pot of potato soup cooking. Not only am I enjoying having her cook while she is home but I am going to have to impose on her and ask her to milk Holly for me tonight.

Before I came back in, I couldn't resist just one more shot of the pups. You probably need to brace yourselves because I have a feeling there are going to be lots more of these kinds of pictures......

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