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Sunday, March 11, 2012

To Do List

This weekend, it became the DONE list. The family all jumped in and got a bunch of stuff done.

--- Spread seeds on pasture lots before the rain
--- went and got my small stock carrier from the neighbor who borrowed it
--- bought and changed out the starter on the blue Ford
--- Filled in the holes from repairing the water lines
--- Put up the corral panels to make an alley way for the the milk cows.
--- Burned one pile of barn debris
--- Cut a few trees off of the fence and repaired it.
--- Put out the LAST 2 round bales of hay.
--- Disbudded 11 doe kids
--- Fitted the tool box for the truck.
--- Dewormed the horses.

Salena and Seth even got a few small trees cut out of the pasture.

Tomorrow, I will move the horses out of their winter lot and let them roam around thebarn for a week or so until they clean up the very last round bale of hay. After that, I am really not sure just what we are going to do with them..... We are going to have to run some hot wire to keep them seperated from the cows--- somewhere out there.

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