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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hmmmm.... Slow day

Yogurt by the gallon!

I got this recipe from another blog and as soon as I find it, I'll link to it. It worked beautifully with a crock pot with a "warm" setting.

Having a slow Sunday. Adam and I are the only ones at home-- besides Charlie sleeping. He and I have gotten chores done--slowly-- and tidied up the house--- slightly!

These two scoundrels have figure out how to squeeze through a gap and get into the milking area of the barn. I had been wondering where the left over feed in the milking stantions was going to.......

Notch blessed us with a big bull calf yesterday morning.... actually late the night before but I don't count 'em 'till I see 'em! I preg checked most of these girls earlier this year and guestimated pretty well so far for those we didn't have actual breeding dates for. I think that I have made a mistake with at least one. I was thinking that we have a big gap now and was not expecting any more calves until late April or early May. Since the bull was having problems getting the job done, it is a major setback to have them so strung out. I was checking them over this morning and I believe that Bobbi Sue is going to calve pretty soon. She is Seth's cow and I think she is probably the best one in the herd.
I am hoping this means that I am a little off with my other guestimates and that would give us calves sooner rather than later. I know for a fact that we have a group that will not calve until July or August because I saw them being bred. Calving that late and in the heat of the summer is just hard on everybody and getting the cows back in shape and bred again is more difficult.
Since we still haven't gotten a bull, it makes things even more interesting......  We have offers from two differnt friend to lease their bulls for a short time but we just haven't made up our mind WHAT to do. We need a bull. We also need a tractor...... and a new barn, and, and, and....... LOL!!! 

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