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Monday, March 26, 2012

Doing a Little Fate Tempting Myself

I haven't gone as far as those folks I saw last Sunday . My tomatoes are still safely in their pots but I did set out the broccoli and some of the cabbage that I started from seed. I have been moving the little plants in and out of the house to take advantage of the sunshine and start to harden them off, too. Last night, while I was lying in bed, I realized that I had left the batch outside. I debated with myself-- briefly--- about going out to get them but opted to stay in bed. They were still there and apparently no worse for the cool evening air.   

The ticks, snakes and lizards are out in full force today as the temperature topped 80 degrees. I spread fertilizer in the orchard and blueberry patch. Then I spread a little kelp in the open area of the garden.

Neil and I have started to seriously plan how we are going to divide our pastures for rotational grazing. We are starting small and beginning with the lots and paddocks around the house and barn that will be used for the dairy animals and young stock over flow. I even found a pad of graph paper to make it look like we mean serious business!

Seth told me this afternoon that his winter hay feeding/fence fixing job will probably be finished tomorrow. Just in time because another farmer has called to ask him to help with their spring cow/calf working later this week. After that, his MAMA has plenty for him to do! LOL! We have big plans for getting his school finished up and lots of fence of our own to fix and build.

Going to be an action packed spring and summer on this farm!

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