Shades of Ireland

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Still Raining!

It is officially mud season now! Of course, I can't seem to find my boots but I am going to make a greater effort to find them before I go out this morning. I'm late but I really don't want to go out but I know that I have to. Holly and the girls are waiting. Rain falling just seems to have that effect on me! I did zip out on to the deck earlier in my nightgown to check the rain gauge. So far, 2.5 inches and it is still coming down.

The big news is that we are going this weekend to look at a tractor!!! Yesterday, before I knew about this, I had a lightbulb moment over at the barn. I am going to rearrange things so that we have more space in the shop section of the barn. That is where I milk the girls and it also has all kinds of junk stored there from the big move--- two years ago.... I was looking around while waiting for Zelda to finish milking and thought about how much more space we could have if I cleaned out the stall and moved the milking unit over there.... Then we could have all kinds of room to do something just inside the garage door. Turns out, that would be a great place to park a small tractor.

I cannot wait to see just how much water is in the upper pond. The middle pond is probably running over the spillway and I will have to cross it to get to the barn. The big pond out back is definitely full. I can hear the dull roar of water going over the rock from inside the house. Fixing that break in the pond dam is still on the list of things-to-do for this year but it keeps getting pushed a little further down the list.

I am glad that I took a picture of  the daffodils because they are  looking rather bedraggled after all this rain. Our last official frost date for this area is April 15th. I am sure hoping that doesn't happen because nearly all of the trees have bloomed or are budding out. We drove through a neighborhood in a small town this past Sunday and people were already setting out their tomato plants. I couldn't help but think that they were tempting fate......


  1. Although I like to be hopeful, and admit that I've put my tomato seedlings outside for the AFTERNOON, I don't think I'm THAT optimistic and would plant them quite yet.

    1. These folks had planted about 15 tomato and about that many peppers..... I am just itching to get out there and get to planting but I have been burned--or should I say frosted--- before!