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Monday, March 5, 2012

Hard Morning

My Saanen doe, Olga, decided to kid this morning. I knew she was close but thought we had another day or two. I was actually watching another doe. Honestly, she doesn't have a name. I have never registered her and we just call her by her tattoo--- Z9. I will probably get around to registering her in the near future. I just have really lost all interest in ADGA activities and I am evenlate paying my membership dues this year.

Anyway, Z9 had a very easy birth with two doelings. The unusual part is that one of these does kids is SABLE. The first sable marked kid I have ever gotten from my long years with Saanens.

I can't believe THIS is a Saanen kid! Well..... Sable, now I guess.

Olga did not go so well. In fact, it was such a hard birth that I am afraid that I am going to lose her and the very large buck kid. I am going back over to the barn after I recover a bit and weigh him. He was really twisted up like a pretzel in there and fishing him out was absolutely horrible.....

She still loves me and wanted me to comfort her even after all of that. I am worn to a frazzle  and my hands are almost too sore to type.

Update 6 hours later....

Olga is up, eating and drinking. But as usual, she really LIKES herbaby but absolutely refuses to let him nurse. She hopped up on the milking stand and my sons milked her partially out. My hands are just too sore to do it. The buck inhaled 5 oz with out even sucking hard. She is weak and very, very sore. I am much more optimistic than I was before lunch.

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