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Thursday, March 8, 2012

March came in like a lamb.....

But it has certainly not stayed that way! The March winds are fiercer this year than I remember them being in the past. Up until last night, every time we saw smoke from someone burning off grass or brush piles, we worried about it getting away from them due to the wind. Since it rained last night and is expected to all day today, nobody will be burning anything for a while.

I am dreading going out to do barn chores and I am already late getting started. I don't like working in the cold rain but I also have problems at the barn. I got a really big surprise bill in the mail yesterday. Our water bill for last month is over double what it should be! I nearly had a stroke and my budget is blown and the month is not nearly half over. We found the leak over at the barn and of course, it requires much digging. For now, the water to the barn is shut off so it makes cleaning up after milking a nightmare.I either have to haul it all to the house or haul water over there.

To make matters worse, the vacuum pump for the milking the goats has gone out. I milked them by hand last night and luckily there are only 2 or 3 that need to be milked. This morning, I am going to have to rearrange the barn to get the goats close enough to the cow stanchions to use their vacuum pump. That means moving hay--- not my favorite job! My hands are still very sore from Olga's ordeal--- not to mention other parts of me,too!

The good news is that there is plenty of good news! This rain will cause the wheat and the pasture grass to GROW. Good thing because we are down to just three more bales of hay left.

All my goats have kidded and I only had one serious birthing problem and one tragedy. There are so many goat kids over at the barn that I am really not sure just how many I do have.....

Olga is up and improving daily and because of my sheer insistence is allowing her buck kid to nurse. First one in three years.

Bobbie Sue effortlessly had a lovely heifer calf for Seth.

The boys and I got potatoes and carrots planted in the garden. My tomatoes have all sprouted under the grow lights. I started a bunch of cabbage and broccoli in pots yesterday.

The new pasture seed mix I ordered arrived yesterday. I hope to get it spread next week or earlier.

The rain is not getting any lighter and I cannot put off going out in it for much longer..... Seth has gone off to work, Charlie has come in from work and is sleeping, and Adam is pretending that he hasn't heard me calling for him..... Prissy is snug in MY bed under the covers.

One more cup of coffee while I procrastinate....... and listen to that rain!

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