Shades of Ireland

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Milking Time.....

Neil goes over to the barn most evenings to help me finish up the milking chores and last feedings. Tonight, I asked him to take my picture. I take alot of pictures but I am rarely in any of them. I figure someday, my kids just might want a picture of me---with my beloved Holly, of course!

The other cow, Noelle is right behind me in the other stanchion. I used to have just a plain little stool that I sat on. When we first started putting Noelle in to eat and milk, she had a tendancy to swing her back end over towards Holly and often ended up in my personal space. She was pretty light footed in those early days and while she never kicked very hard, she did reach out and "tap" Seth rather vigorously one morning. I found this child's chair and began using it. After she tapped the back of it a few times, she settled down and learned to stay in her space.
If you notice in this picture, Holly's stanchion is not locked. Even when her feed pan is empty, Holly will stay and lick it very clean. I usually have to make her leave because she is spoiled and knows that if she stays long enough, I just might give her another bite. I NEVER forget to lock Nicholle's head gate! LOL!


  1. What a good cow! Well, at least Holly! :)

    1. I cannot believe how much I enjoy this old cow!