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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Little Carried Away....

I just can't seem to help myself! I have been planting seeds..... lots of seeds. The weather is absolutely marvelous but I have been burned before by the hint of early spring in Kansas. I have put a few cool hardy things like cabbage and broccoli out in the garden but I have restrained myself from doing serious gardening until after about April 10th. The actual predicted last frost date is April 15th but the rebel in me just has to push the edge of the gardening envelope........ Mean while, I am starting all this stuff indoors.

Yesterday, I wasn't exactly indoors. It is so nice out that I moved to the front porch to do all the dirty work.
The tomatoes that I started a few weeks ago are seasoned travelers now. They have been in and out of my front door too many times to count. I have been working my way through the old seed box and I have been very disappointed in how poorly my gourmet lettuce seeds have germinated. So while I have lots of flats, in reality, I have only a few plants.

I love using the "pot maker" that I bought many, many years ago. It enables me to make small seeding pots out of strips of news paper. I have pretty much ran out of newspaper. I found several stacks of the plastic pots that I saved from the plants that I bought last year. They were very brittle but I have used all that I can salvage. I've recycled yogurt cups and started on disposable cups.....

The bad part about all of this is that I have gotten way ahead of myself. I really do not have the space for all this potted dirt. I have a few flats on the dining room table. If they sprout, I've got to move them somewhere with more light. I have a couple of shelves with grow lights rigged up over at the barn kitchen but they are already full.

The entry just inside the front door is a obstacle course because I have no less than seven flats of seeds plus the big plastic tub outfitted with the grow lights.

Today, we are having to work on an outside fencing project and tomorrow afternoon we are heading down to Stillwater for an awards banquet for Salena. After all of that is out of the way, it is pretty obvious that I have to get my gardening green thumb under control.....

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