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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Garden is Officially Underway

The garden is still an untidy mess but so is most of the rest of my life. Even so, I manage to get a few things done and it is the same in the garden.

So far, we have planted onions, garlic (better late than never), potatoes, carrots, beets and a few bought plants of cabbage and broccoli. If I can scrounge around and find something to use as a trellis, I am going to plant a package of English peas that I found in the bottom of my seed box.

On the inside, I have started several flats of seeds. Broccoli ( never have enough), cabbage, herbs, several varieties of lettuce and, of course, tomatoes. I was shocked to see that I did not have any pepper seeds and I will have to fix that on my next trip to town.

I saw a how-to video on Survival Podcast about starting seeds in a tub like this and attaching grow lights to the lid. I thought that it looked really neat and thought to try it. So did every one else in south east Kansas because all the tubs and light fixtures that were the right size were all gone. Later, I found out that this is a popular way to grow marijuana....... I am so naive! I bought larger sized items and it just didn't work out well. It has just been too awkward to handle. Even so, since the weather has been warm and sunny, I have been setting these tomatoes outside. The high sides gives them some protection from the wind but I did leave them out too long and a few of them have sun scald.

I re-purposed some shelving over at the barn and managed to get a place to set up some grow lights. I even had Salena stop and pick up the special grow light bulbs for me on her way homes last Friday. Unfortunately, we never got them out of her car and she took them back to college with her! She is coming home again this Friday for Spring Break. Meanwhile, the little cabbage and broccoli plants are looking very good. I was pleasantly surprised that the Red Acre cabbages even sprouted. The package they were in was dated 2008!

I found more old seed packets of lavender so I started a small flat of them. The more I dig in that seed box, the more stuff that I find--- most of it several years old. I am not sure why I have such a miserly tendency to save them but I can't seem to help myself. I have decided to get some more potting soil and go ahead and test a bunch of them. I could do a smaller germination test by sprouting the seeds in wet paper towels but....... the honest truth is that I would probably forget that I started them or misplace the paper towels. I am enjoying playing in the dirt so I might as well just set up more lights and test the whole box!

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  1. Every year I "find" lost seed packets, sometimes four years old. I basically sow a TON of them assuming most won't germinate. Sometimes I'm lucky and they do, sometimes they don't. But it's a gamble I'm willing to take, no big loss.